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Our Other Services

We aren't just a business brokerage, we're here to help many areas to help make the most of your company.

1 /  Succession Planning

Who and How will someone take over when you are gone?


SPARTAN can assist you with laying out a succession plan that is concise but also realistic and executable. A succession plan could involve bringing key management into ownership, bringing related parties into the ownership group, or an outright sale of the business.

2 / Acquisitions

Wanting to expand your business through a strategic acquisition? Are you an entrepreneur looking to purchase a business?


SPARTAN will help identify potential targets and, using a CBV, provide a value for the potential targets. We then work collaboratively with you through the negotiation process to closing the deal.

3 / Reorganizations

Has your business grown to the point that it needs to be reorganized?

Your business may have matured to the point where it no longer can be managed by you alone. Alternatively, your business may have contracted and you now need to “right-size” your organization. SPARTAN can work with you and your employees to reorganize and restructure the business for success.

4 / Transitions

Business Transitions can be many things. At SPARTAN, we like to think of it as moving the business to the next level. Whether your business is expanding, changing, or transitioning from one ownership group to the next, SPARTAN can help.

5 / Amalgamations

Amalgamating two or more companies together requires someone who can coordinate all participants involved. Someone who can ensure that the lawyers, accountants, and business valuators are all working with the same goal in mind. A SPARTAN Business Transition Specialist will be that person ensuring that all the details are covered.

6 / Negotiations

Need help on the negotiation of the sale price and terms?

SPARTAN has significant experience in negotiations and can help you maximize the value of your business as well as be creative on the terms and on financing. We are strong believers in interest-based negotiations. The ability to reach a final agreement is often based on finding creative solutions that mutually benefit both parties. These solutions could be in the deal structure, financing, payment terms, or in other factors that appeal to both parties.

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