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What is SPARTAN?

SPARTAN stands for our services:

Succession Planning · Acquisitions · Reorganizations · Transitions · Amalgamations · Negotiations 

Our mission is to facilitate and manage the transition of businesses utilizing our skills and expertise to produce win/win business transactions where both sides feel they were respected and achieved an equitable deal.

Why you should choose SPARTAN


Confidentiality is a pillar of SPARTAN. Before any discussions begin, information is passed, or negotiations commence, all potential buyers must sign an NDA .


With over 25 years of combined experience, we've refined our processes in acquisition, selling, succession planning, and divestitures to make it a win/win.


We possess a large network of potential purchasers including Indigenous groups that are actively looking to purchase quality companies.


Through our years of experience and successes, we have developed relationships with groups specializing in financing business purchases.


Initially, I was hesitant and skeptical, but after dealing with AJ, I was positively blown away. SPARTAN was incredible with representing both sides of the business purchase and managing the emotions of both the buyer and the seller.
Owner, Handy Special Events
Diana Pereira


With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we're ready to work together for success.

AJ Felix.png

AJ Felix


With substantial C-level experience in medium-sized companies, AJ has led corporate reorganizations, strategic acquisitions, dispositions of divisions, and amalgamations of businesses. He has established relationships with many financial institutions, private investment firms, and Indigenous investment entities.


AJ has been involved in the following:

  • Succession Planning of an Indigenous insurance company resulting in a business combination with a competitor.

  • Acquisition of 70% of a printing business by an Indigenous community.

  • Reorganized a business to allow for the successful sale of the business to multiple employee groups.

  • Transitioning a start-up entity from an owner-managed firm to a professionally managed business, which subsequently completed a very successful IPO.

  • Amalgamation of two building supply companies.

  • Negotiated the disposition of a building supply company.

In addition to the above, AJ has completed many strategic plans and business plans for business organizations in a variety of industries, including Indigenous communities

Barrie Bergsma.jpeg

Barrie Bergsma


In his 14+ years (9 as a partner) at Rosten Bergsma Business Solutions, Barrie developed a knack for finding businesses for sale and for closing deals.


Rosten Bergsma has played a part in the following successes:

  • Sale of 51% of a local airline to First Nation corporations.

  • Sale of an electrical contractor.

  • Sale of a well servicing business.

  • Employee buyout of a truck and trailer servicing business.

  • Employee buyout of a sign business. 

  • Employee buyout of an architectural firm.

  • Amalgamation of two sign companies.

  • Assisting a company in purchasing four hotel operations.

In addition to the above, Barrie has completed business plans for many start-up operations and not-for-profit organizations.

Danny Binni

Danny Binni

Co-Op Intern

A third-year student at Edwards School of Business, with a major in finance, Danny has a clear passion for numbers.


Engaged in a co-op internship at Spartan Business Transition Specialists, he assumes the role of a Business Analyst, where he applies his academic knowledge to real-world scenarios.


Danny's education and can-do attitude make him a great addition to SPARTAN and we are proud to have him be part of our team.

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