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Selling Your Business With SPARTAN


What you as a seller can expect when SPARTAN Business Transition Specialists handle the sale of your business:

Selling a business is a very complex process. There is far more involved than just valuing the business, marketing the business, negotiating the deal, and closing the deal. Many business owners are experts in running their businesses, but when it comes to selling their business, they have very little understanding of what to do or what their business is worth.


A seller needs to develop a relationship with an experienced advisor who can guide the seller through the process and avoid the pitfalls that could result in a bad business deal. It is the advisor’s responsibility to manage this process and keep the seller engaged throughout the process.

The SPARTAN Selling Process

1 /  Business Assessment and Valuation

A SPARTAN Business Assessment will let you know what your business is worth as well as show you ways to add value to the business before the sale. All valuations are done by an independent, third-party Chartered Business Valuator (CBV).

2 / Preliminary Due Diligence Package

When you are ready to sell, SPARTAN will prepare a preliminary due diligence package that will be used to generate interest from potential buyers.

3 / Confidential Marketing of Your Business

SPARTAN does NOT market your business on a website. We take a very confidential approach that utilizes our network to find strategic buyers who place a higher value on your business based on the synergies they will realize by acquiring your business.

4 / Generate Maximum Alternatives

The more interested buyers – the more options you have. SPARTAN will work diligently to create a market for your business, thus increasing the number of qualified buyers interested in your business.

5 / Detailed Due Diligence and Negotiation

SPARTAN will manage the detailed due diligence process, negotiate the terms, and work with all stakeholders to develop a deal structure that works for everyone involved.

6 / Closing the Deal

SPARTAN will remain involved throughout the closing process, assisting where necessary, and ensuring that the process keeps moving forward and the deal is completed.

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